New plans, features and perks!

Need a browser window mockup real quick? No problem!

Thanks to your overwhelming interest, suggestions and feedback since our launch, we've been busy!

As a result, AIFE is now easier, smarter, and more effective than ever before.

As usual, if you already have a footprint with us, the upgrade will take effect as soon as you publish a change. Easy as that.

New to AIFE? There has never been a better time to check out her capabilities!

New lite plan

Only need a website up, pronto? This is the plan for you. Sometimes all you need is a web presence that makes you look legit. Now you can have one in 60 seconds at an extremely affordable price! Upgrade any time.

New, smarter content

Getting started is now even easier. We have added more, smarter starter content that is location aware.

Quick screenshot mockups

Need quick, lifelike mockups of web applications, iOS or Android devices? It only takes two clicks to put your screenshot into a device of your choosing. And of course, AIFE wouldn't be AIFE if she didn't automatically choose the color of the device to match you color scheme...

Phonetic remapping

Make sure your virtual receptionist and text-to-speech content gets all its pronunciations right!

Virtual receptionist accent matching

Your virtual receptionist now matches its accent to the incoming caller's region. Do business in India, Australia the UK or the US? AIFE now makes sure your content is easier to understand over the phone.

Zapier integration

Send your form data straight to a webhook of your choosing, for example a Zap on the Zapier platform.

Code with syntax highlighting

Do you need to convey code or code examples in your content? Now you can!

20 GOTO 10

Do you keep your documentation in MarkDown format, say, for your GitHub project? You can now convert any section of your content into properly formatted MD - including code blocks. Generating README.MD from the documentation section of your AIFE footprint now takes 0 effort!

Easier to try

Still on the fence? Trying AIFE is now even easier! No need to wait for your login details - you're signed in straight away. AIFE's trial is still free, unlimited, still no credit card required.

More tailored advice

AIFE now sends you more footprint advice and demonstrations that are tailored uniquely to you. She now keeps an eye on your content as you write, and is ready to advise you on your content through her newly improved writing aid tool.

Google Images & social media share graphics

We've made some exciting improvements to AIFE's social media share graphic capabilities. For example, this now lets Google Images present your audience with important keywords, logo, images and branding even before they have clicked your Google listing!

AIFE now also adapts these collages for more social media to take into account their different preferred aspect ratios and resolutions.

AIFE now sends you more footprint advice and demonstrations that are tailored uniquely to you.

Countless other fixes and improvements

Countless improvements to functionality, styling, AI and SEO effectiveness have gone into the mix.

1stbase Inc.

dual patent pending US/EU/AU, AIFE.AI is a registered trademark of 1stbase inc.